The Correct Call!

I am always in pursuit of the perfect game. Not as a pitcher striking out every batter. Not as a batter hitting for a cycle including a grand-slam home run. But as an umpire calling a perfect game, while handling every disputed call with poise and confidence.

Fishing Anyone?

Fishing Anyone?

 Michael Leavitt 160JULY 4, 2016 - Happy 4th of July! Saturday morning I awoke early to grab my continental breakfast from the hotel and hit the fishing pond adjacent to the softball fields in Cedar City, Utah. The first games were to start at 8:45 AM and it seemed like such a shame to spend all of this time driving and officiating without a little fun and enjoyment.

In the early morning sunrise beauty, I took an hour to roam the shoreline of the small "Lake At The Hills" and cast out various lures and even drag a fly with a bubble. There was not much action, but when this one hit the Jake's Spin-A-Lure I was really shocked. I was expecting to be catching some little 10-12 inch planter trouts and not this larger and much more mature feast fit for a family. After landing him I carried him down the shoreline and made a deal with another fisherman who was having no luck, take my picture and you can add this to your empty catch bucket... Smile!

It brings up the question as to what do any of you do to make these tournaments more than just trips to be away from your family, work games, and then collect a paycheck? How do you make it fun and memorable? It may very well be that you are doing nothing other than working the games and driving home again.

How could you make it more of a well rounded event? What sports, hobbies, skills, or talents could you employ while visiting another locale in Utah? I always carry my fishing pole in my vehicle and I do my best to carve out 15 minutes to an hour to fish a nearby lake. When I am too rushed to stop, then I find myself wondering why I am going through all of this busy work when I am not taking any time to stop and smell the roses.

What is it that you would like to work into your next tournament trip? You may not be a fisherman. Instead, you might be a bowler, a hiker, or a tennis player. As for me, I would love to do some side activities with the other umpires at the tournaments. How about you?

What would you like to incorporate into your tournament trips?

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