The Correct Call!

I am always in pursuit of the perfect game. Not as a pitcher striking out every batter. Not as a batter hitting for a cycle including a grand-slam home run. But as an umpire calling a perfect game, while handling every disputed call with poise and confidence.

Got Bruises.... Again!!!!

Got Bruises.... Again!!!!

NEWSFLASH - February 8, 2017 - I can't believe it, this is what the inner/underside of my right thigh looks like. This is normal for late August, but I am blown away that this is how it looks after the first tournament this year.

Michael Leavitt 160In fact, I made it through 7 prior games hit free. Other umpires at the St. George tournament were bobbing and weaving and taking direct shots, but I was hit free up until the 14U championship game. I am having to remind myself that getting the plate for the final game is supposed to be an honor. These were 7 inning games with the two best teams making the game. The challenger made it through the loser's bracket and this was their  11th game. They were dead tired, yet were hoping to take this to a 12th game. The undefeated team was playing in their 6th game of the tournament.  Their youngest 13 year old player from the Tremonton area stood 6'2" and she had movement on her pitches. Calling her was a joy.

If this game was such an honor, then why did I take six shots during the 2 hours and 15 minutes it took to get through 7 innings? Two of those shots were to my inner thigh. Adam was our "Rabbit" at third base and he couldn't have had more fun laughing at his old man with each passed ball. Paul Zalus was at first base thankful that he was out of getting hit range. Let's face it, there is nothing fun about getting hit by that large non-soft ball. Sometimes I just want to gear up in a knight with shining armor outfit. I may have also been heard to mumble, "Seriously catcher, you are allowed to move your glove!" After a chest shot that finally hit a protected area, the pitcher's coach ask, "You okay Blue?" To which I responded loudly, "Dandy!!!" It was not true, but I tried to put on a smile and finish the game.

I wish all of you a bruise free softball season.... For me, that is not a possibility in 2017.

Make it a great day! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah


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