Portable Hanger Stand

Michael Leavitt 160NOVEMBER 7, 2018 - As I travel to various softball tournaments in the Wester States, I am repeatedly asked where I purchased my portable hanger stand for my uniforms. Easy... Just open your wallet and head for Ebay. When I purchased mine a couple of years ago it was $19.99 with free shipping. The current cheapest USA seller is $23.96 with free shipping.

SHIPPING - Be careful, as some of the shippers are from Asian countries and this means delayed arrival by as much as 6 weeks. Ordering from a USA seller will get you the product within a week. That is a huge difference.

MODELS - This particular unit comes in blue, teal, gray, and black, from different sellers.  It is the same unit, but just different colors.  Mine is black with gray arms. Researching this time around I found a few different models. Some have multiple tiers for a bit more money. Determine your needs and then pull the trigger on your order.

SEARCH WORDS - Type this into the Ebay search bar - tripod clothes hanger

LINKS - Here are a few current links to the various models.

BEST VALUE - https://ebay.us/WirgSY

BLACK MODEL - https://ebay.us/KLFF5D

3-TIER (But Is It Foldable???) - https://ebay.us/oUyqv4

DIFFERENT STYLE (More Pieces) - https://ebay.us/QY44Lc

Best of luck in your purchase.

Make it a great day! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah