The Correct Call!

I am always in pursuit of the perfect game. Not as a pitcher striking out every batter. Not as a batter hitting for a cycle including a grand-slam home run. But as an umpire calling a perfect game, while handling every disputed call with poise and confidence.

"That One's For You Blue!"

"That One's For You Blue!"

Michael Leavitt 160ST. GEORGE, UTAH * March 10, 2018 * UHSAA Tournament

Saturday morning March 10, 2018 I found myself behind the plate for the Pleasant Grove, Utah and the Cocnino, Arizona Varsity girl's softball game. Both teams were very talented and the outcome of this game was impossible to predict. My partner jeremy Jones, and myself had lots of great plays to make lots of incredible calls. Being a 9AM game added to the fun because neither head coach knew what team was going to show up from one half inning to the next.

As the PG catcher threw the ball down to second to start a new inning, I had a moment to talk with the Coconino batter #13 Taylor Brown.

"So where are you going to hit it?" I asked.

"I don't know," she responded.

"You should just hit it over the yellow line out there, and then you can just jog around the bases," I counseled.

And with that she stepped into the box as the Viking's pitcher prepared to deliver.

"Strike!" I yelled as the near perfect waist high pitch went into the catcher's glove. We set for the second pitch and it came through at the same height but nearer the outside portion of the plate. Taylor swung and the ball exploded off her bat towards left center field. The line drive cleared the fence and guess who got to jog around the bases? Yep, #13 Taylor Brown. As she rounded third and was half way home she looked at me and said proudly, "That one was for you, Blue!"



I just love this game!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah


For You Blue 02

For You Blue 03

For You Blue 04

For You Blue 05

TOP 10 TIPS - St. George 2018 - Under Construction

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Guest - Eileen Brown on Thursday, 22 March 2018 20:46

What a great moment!

What a great moment!
Guest - Eileen Brown on Thursday, 22 March 2018 20:48

What a great moment!

What a great moment!
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