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I am always in pursuit of the perfect game. Not as a pitcher striking out every batter. Not as a batter hitting for a cycle including a grand-slam home run. But as an umpire calling a perfect game, while handling every disputed call with poise and confidence.

TOP 10 TIPS - St. George 2018 - Under Construction

TOP 10 TIPS - St. George 2018 - Under Construction

Top 1 List - St. George - The Canyons Complex 2018

Michael Leavitt 160The first USA Softball tournament in St. George is done, but many others are on the horizon. Weather conditions were incredible, but due to the new construction at the Canyons, the umpire facilities were anything but status quo. The main central hub building with the snack bar, crow tower, bathrooms, and termite infested extended tuff shed umpire building are now either gone or partially demolished. Here is what that means to us umpires...

1) LEPER COLONY - The umpires are now relegated to a three pop-up community near the outfield fences to the east between Fields 4 & 5.

2) NO PRIVACY - There is no privacy when changing. Bring along your "Umpire Dressing Room" or portable shower enclosure if you are the least bit shy.

3) OUTHOUSES - Although nothing new for the male umpires, they are a long way away from our umpire dressing rooms.

4) PRAY FOR OUTER DARKNESS GAMES - If assigned to the Canyon's complex, then pray for game assignments at fields 6 & 7. Why? They still have running water, flush toilet bathrooms, and a full permanent snack bar. These game assignments were always dreaded with the old facilities, but are the more desirable under the current conditions.

5) NIGHTLY EQUIPMENT REMOVAL - Since there is nothing permanent, you cannot leave anything overnight. This is a real bummer because parking is so far away from the leper colony.

6) CHAIRS - Make sure you bring a nice chair.

7) BLANKET OR MAT - Since you are on grass, a blanket or mat is recommended for your changing and gear area.

8) SUN PROTECTION - The 3 pop-ups provide protection for about 3 umpires and then the tables for snacks and paperwork. This means that most will be in the sun and elements.

9) HANGER SPACE - Unless you have a cool clothes hangar tower like me, then you will be hanging your clothes on a dirty chain link fence. You might bring a trash bag to hang between your spiffy clean uniform and the dirty chain link fence.

10) ADDED PATIENCE - Bring with you an added dose of patience for the construction related issues. Completing your game cards on the field, watching your foul balls land in the trapped construction zone, having the water quickly run out at the portable hand washing station, and loading up your gear each night requires patience with your UIC and St. George City personnel.


The weather was incredible and the upper lake is stocked with fish. So bring along your sunblock, added patience, your fishing license and enjoy your early season St. George tournaments. The construction is slated to be done by late April. Make it a great day! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

"That One's For You Blue!"
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