Michael Leavitt 160TRAINWRECK OR EJECTION??? - This video is from Vincent Samperio and shows harsh contact at first base. Put yourself as U1 and consider exactly what you would do. What verbiage do you have? What rules justify your actions? And how do your rulings change from USA Softball to NFHS? If we are prepared, then maybe our calm clear response could even keep some coaches in the game. But if we get flustered, then multiple ejections are sure to follow... Are you prepared?

I am NOT currently prepared. I have been sitting here kicking around in my head the various options. Interestingly, I am mixing both USA Softball and NFHS high school rules.

Just to be clear, I am re-reading the rules and casebook plays on this so that I am ready. Surely I will now see this in St. George this coming weekend at our USA Softball tournament (in the snow). :-)

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah