JANUARY 21, 2017 - This reminder notice of the new region changes for USA Softball was sent out widespread via email to all those who might find it interesting. There had previously been 13 regions and now it has been reorganized to just 10 regions.


Welcome to the 2017 season of USA Softball!  We are proud to enter into the 2017 season as USA Softball, and we want to thank you for participating in our great sport and for choosing to play, umpire or coach #USASoftball!

The 2017 season will bring some changes to USA Softball that will help further grow our sport and allow for more opportunities for athletes to play the game we all love!  Beginning in 2017, a new code item will allow teams to play in a higher classification for both their level and age classification.  For example, if you are a 12-Under Class B team, you will now have the opportunity to compete in 12-Under Class A, or 14-Under Class B, etc…Also, athletes who have competed in any Junior Olympic (JO) Girls’ Fast Pitch National Championship Finals will also be eligible as a pickup player in a higher National Championship Final.  

For the first time in this history of our organization, coming soon, teams will have the opportunity to qualify for our Girls’ Class C Fast Pitch Regional Championship Final for our 10-Under, 12-Under and 14-Under divisions and a Girls’ 8-Under Fast Pitch Regional Championship Final.  All teams within a Regional Championship Finals Region that are age eligible can qualify for these Regional Championship Finals through their Local Associations, and teams may play in the Championship of their choice.

Another change which will begin in the 2017 season is the realignment of the USA Softball regions from 15 to 10.  This regional realignment better serves our teams and umpires, providing them with better opportunities to play, qualify and umpire within their respective regions.  An updated map of the 10 USA Softball Regions can be found on our website, www.USASoftball.com.

What a great time to be playing the sport of softball!  Whether you have Olympic dreams or are at the ballpark to simply have fun, I want to encourage each and every one of you to enjoy the experiences that our sport can provide.  Best of luck in the 2017 season, and from all of us here at USA Softball, thank you for participating and choosing to play softball…the game America plays!